Demo Reel 2012

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I am a Passionate CG Artist and Filmschool Graduate who is well-versed in
Animated Film production with an affinity for Cinematography, Visual
Storytelling as well as Aesthetic, Artistic and Abstract Look development.
I have directed Award-Winning animated shorts and strive to create
Emotionally-Engaging, profound and Meaningful Films.
I have Dual Citizenship USA/Germany and am a Native Speaker of
English and German.

Entire Content of Reel has been created by me. No breakdown needed.

Alex Glawion

3D Animation Lecturer bei Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Populäre Musik
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About :
Location : Freiburg Area
Status : Looking for a Job
Working-Visa : Europe, States
Hobbies : directing, cinematography, abstract design, visual storytelling, look development, music composition, playing piano, sound-design, reading, sports
New 2012 Reel for my job hunt!
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